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Hornsey Parish Church is part of the Church of England in the Edmonton Area of the Diocese of London, which in turn is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. We are a diverse and vibrant church with a congregation representative of the varied community that Hornsey is: young and older; married, single and partnered, straight and gay; British and international. The style of our worship is focused upon the Eucharist. We see our liturgical life as very important: not fussy and celebrated with attention and care. There is something for everyone at Hornsey Parish Church and we hope that can include you too.
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Fr Bruce Batstone

Parish Office
020 8444 3553
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Fr Bruce Batstone
020 8883 6846
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Where to find us
Cranley Gardens N10 3AH
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Weekly Services

We have returned to public worship in church, but for those at home, we will continue to stream services on Facebook.

09.45 am Morning Prayer in the Lady Chapel – all welcome
10.30 am Parish Eucharist
6.00 pm Sacred Space (Contemplative Eucharist)

9.30 am Morning Prayer at Holy Innocents Church (Tottenham Lane, N8)
10.00am Eucharist at Holy Innocents Church
6.00 pm Evening Prayer at Holy Innocents Church

10am Contemplative Prayer Group
11am Eucharist
5.30pm Silent Prayer
6.00pm Evening Prayer

8.45am Morning Prayer (In Church and Facebook Live)

8.45am Morning Prayer (In Church and Facebook Live)


We are a Domestic Abuse Aware Church. You are not Alone

(No.34 /2021)

Rector's Jottings

Dear friends,

I am writing this the after Trevor’s beautiful funeral yesterday. What an event! I could not have asked for more.

Thanking people is always risky as there is a chance of leaving someone out, so if I do that please forgive me.

I am hugely grateful to Fr Ben for leading the service, which was Trevor’s wish, and to Mthr Mitzi, and my dear friend Fr James from Clifton Cathedral, both of whom put in a large amount of work helping Fr Ben to arrange the service in all its many aspects. Our fabulous Ministry Team did so much too to help to prepare the church, and make sure things happened smoothly.

Thank you to the servers, the readers, Ed and our fabulous Choir, the sides people, and all who offered generous hospitality to our esteemed guests which included Mayor Adam Jogee and Bishop Rob, and Dame Peggy Woolly of course.

What a joy it was to welcome back Mthrs Anna and Patricia, Vicki, and many Pastoral Assistants too, including David, Tom, Lucy and Tristan.

Apparently over a thousand people tried to access the live stream, and massive thanks to Phil Harnett and to Angus, and all who supported them in providing the necessary technology.

After his operation in June 2020, Trevor was encouraged to eat salty snacks, which became a great fondness of his, and I am grateful to Annie, Mari-Wynn, and those who helped them get the salty snacks organised yesterday, and to Michael and Lesley, and the team of pourers for the fizz and orange juice. It was a fine wake.

The funeral was, in some ways, the significant milestone ending a journey that has been extremely challenging, and began with Trevor’s diagnosis in May 2020. A huge number of people have been so very supportive at home as I sought to care for Trevor as best I could. I want to particularly mention his sister Cheryl, and David her husband, and my Mum and Dad, and my nephew Jack, and brother Luke, and his wife Sharon.

But most of all, in this Jottings, I want to thank YOU. You are reading this because you are part of the Hornsey Parish community in some way or another. Over these past seventeen months, Trevor and I have been so very blessed to live among you, and to have the privilege of counting ourselves as part of you.

Last Monday, 22nd November, marked ten years since Trevor and I moved into Hornsey Rectory. We often shared how lucky we felt to be called to serve in this parish, and your kindness, love and support over these past months has made all the difference to what has been a very difficult time. Clearly, our decision to accept Bishop Peter’s invitation, along with the then Churchwardens, to come to Hornsey Parish, was led by God.

As I look to the future, I am a bit daunted to be honest, as I begin to navigate the prospect of life without dear Trevor. I am grateful to the large number of you whose life experience means you have trodden this path of loss ahead of me, and I know that you particularly will be reading these words from a place of understanding.

A kind member of our church wrote these beautiful words to me recently: “..Don’t worry if you won’t be able to work so hard for the causes you love…but we shall have you back with us and we shall be the richer..”. Whilst I ask that you may be gentle with me over the next few weeks and months, I know that this is unnecessary because you will be. That’s who you are.

I continue to be so grateful for the leadership of Mthr Mitzi and the Ministry Team, along with Annie and Richard our Churchwardens, assisted by Ricardo as part of the Churchwardens team. I expect to begin to pick up some duties over the next few weeks, and be involved again on Sundays from mid December. Indeed, Sunday December 12th, being my tenth anniversary of becoming Rector of Hornsey, may well be a good date to aim for to join you again in church for worship.

My final thanks must go to Trevor. On the 1st January 2022 we would have been celebrating 23 years together. I want to say to him, “I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!”

I feel his loss terribly of course, but know that he continues to pilgrim with me, as I do with you, as we go forward together with Christ. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

With my thanks, and the assurance of my continued prayers,

Fr Bruce

What's happening

Parish Fellowship

Tuesday, 20 September 2016 14:00
Old School House, Crouch End

A visit to Hornsey Historical Society, finding out about Hornsey during the 1939-1945 war. Meet at Hornsey Parish Church at 2.00pm prompt to take the W3 to the old School House, arriving at 2.30pm. Returning to Hornsey Parish Church at 3.00.

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Youth Fellowship

Young People are a highly valued part of our Church community. Our Youth Fellowship offers a wide range of activities appealing to all ages.

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Noah’s Ark

Meeting every Wednesday and Thursday in the Parish Hall, this community group actively welcomes and encourages all carers, babies and toddlers.

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Meeting Point

On Wednesday’s we gather together for fellowship, prayer and a light lunch. No membership necessary, simply join us for a good chat!

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Choir & Music

Music forms a central part of our worship at Hornsey. We have a friendly, talented and ambitious choir, and welcome new members with a facility in sight singing.

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