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Hornsey Parish Church is part of the Church of England in the Edmonton Area of the Diocese of London, which in turn is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. We are a diverse and vibrant church with a congregation representative of the varied community that Hornsey is: young and older; married, single and partnered, straight and gay; British and international. The style of our worship is focused upon the Eucharist. We see our liturgical life as very important: not fussy and celebrated with attention and care. There is something for everyone at Hornsey Parish Church and we hope that can include you too.
Please come and see us – you will be very welcome

Fr Bruce Batstone


Parish Office
020 8444 3553
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Fr Bruce Batstone
020 8883 6846
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Where to find us
Cranley Gardens N10 3AH
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Hall Hire Enquiries
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Weekly Services

We have returned to public worship in church, but for those at home, we will continue to stream services on Facebook.

10.30am Parish Eucharist
4.00 pm Open Air Eucharist at the Tower
6.00 pm Sacred Space (Contemplative Eucharist)

8.45am Morning Prayer (FB)
5.30pm Praying the Jesus Prayer Together

8.45am Morning Prayer (FB)

8.45am Morning Prayer (FB)
11am Eucharist
5.30pm Silent Prayer
6.00pm Evening Prayer

8.45am Morning Prayer (FB)

8.45am Morning Prayer (FB)

8.45am Morning Prayer (FB)


We are a Domestic Abuse Aware Church. You are not Alone

Rector's Jottings

Dear friends,

Today, June 24th, is the birthday of St John the Baptist. This great biblical figure is an inspiration to us all as one whose entire life signposts us towards Christ.

We see this Christ-like focus in his teaching and preaching especially, and in Advent and Lent John encourages us to ‘make straight the way of the Lord’: sweep away all that we can see, in our most honest moments, that is hindering the growth of the Kingdom within us.

In his death too, John offers all of himself to the Kingdom project, speaking truth to power. It is the effects of a party game gone wrong which leads to his violent death brought about by jealousy and malice.

This feast, as the church celebrates John’s birth, is resonant for me of ordinations to the priesthood. When I was a curate in Leigh-on-Sea, my training incumbent, Fr Robin, was ordained on this day, 42 years ago now (I think). Whilst in his natural humility he never made a great fuss of this, whenever the day comes around I think of him, and all Christ continues to do in him, and am filled with gratitude for his influence upon me.

Ordination fever us in the air of course. It was a joy to witness Mthr Mitzi’s ordination last Saturday, and to be with her on the occasion of her first celebration of the Eucharist the following day. What a joy it is to see a new priest behind the altar of our church, and we look forward to her continued ministry in the years ahead.

At the start of July, Patricia will be ordained Deacon in St Paul’s , and whilst her burgeoning ministry will then grow in Edmonton, she will, of course, always remain a doughter of Hornsey Parish Church.

And this year, on 14th July (Bastille Day you will recall) I celebrate 20 years as a priest. I will be presiding (assuming events allow this) at the Eucharist in our church at 11am that day, and then at 7pm at St Mary’s Tower on the same day. I hope you will join me either in person, or online in the morning, to accompany me in expressing thanks to God for his call to this very privileged and rewarding life. Maybe we might even raise a glass afterwards!

With the assurance of my prayers

Fr Bruce

What's happening

Parish Fellowship

Tuesday, 20 September 2016 14:00
Old School House, Crouch End

A visit to Hornsey Historical Society, finding out about Hornsey during the 1939-1945 war. Meet at Hornsey Parish Church at 2.00pm prompt to take the W3 to the old School House, arriving at 2.30pm. Returning to Hornsey Parish Church at 3.00.

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Youth Fellowship

Young People are a highly valued part of our Church community. Our Youth Fellowship offers a wide range of activities appealing to all ages.

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Noah’s Ark

Meeting every Wednesday and Thursday in the Parish Hall, this community group actively welcomes and encourages all carers, babies and toddlers.

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Meeting Point

On Wednesday’s we gather together for fellowship, prayer and a light lunch. No membership necessary, simply join us for a good chat!

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Choir & Music

Music forms a central part of our worship at Hornsey. We have a friendly, talented and ambitious choir, and welcome new members with a facility in sight singing.

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