A Lent of Accompanied Prayer

Hornsey Parish Church, 
Holy Innocents, Hornsey, Holy Trinity, Stroud Green 

Lent is a beautiful season of joy when we are invited to be refreshed in our experience of God. What better way to open ourselves to God’s transforming love than to be accompanied on the Lenten journey by a Prayer Guide.

What is a Lent of Accompanied Prayer?

A Lent of Accompanied Prayer is an opportunity to spend the penitential season of Lent trying to grow in prayer and seeking to spend more time with God.

Who can take part?

Anyone who wants to pray can take part. Prayer is difficult, and Participants in the Lent of Accompanied Prayer don’t need prior experience, or to feel they are any good at prayer. In fact, the sense that we need help from God is exactly the best place to be beginning from.

What does a participant need to offer?

Participants in a Lent of Accompanied Prayer are asked to try and pray for a period of time each day, and to meet with a Prayer Guide once in each of the six weeks of Lent, and one final meeting in Eastertide when Christians celebrate the joys of the resurrection. Meetings would be at a mutually convenient time, probably taking place in the church, and lasting for about thirty minutes.

Participants will be offered advice and teaching from Prayer Guides about different ways of prayer which might be explored during these daily prayer times. This meeting is also an opportunity to talk about what is happening in their prayer, and its relationship with their whole faith life.

When does the Lent of Accompanied Prayer begin?

Participants from all three churches will be invited to gather together for a meal to begin the Lent of Accompanied Prayer. The Prayer Guides will be there too, so the participants can meet them, and the time will be spent explaining more about the Lenten experience and what to look forward to and expect in this journey of prayer and faith.

Who are the Prayer Guides?

The team of Prayer Guides includes women and men of various denominations, some lay, some ordained. All will have received training in helping others in their prayer. The role of the Guide is mainly to listen actively to the Participant discuss their prayer life, accompanying the Participants and encouraging each person to honour his or her own prayer and to be aware of how it may be developed. The Guide may also make suggestions about new ways to pray or help think about what makes prayer difficult for us.

Does the Lent of Accompanied Prayer cost anything?

No, it is free to join, but bearing in mind it will cost about £600 to put on, we suggest that Participants consider making a donation to help cover costs.

What do I do next?

If you want more information speak to Fr Bruce. If you are definitely interested sign up at the back of church and this will ensure that you are sent more information.