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Louisa Livermore RIP
16 January 2019



Dear friends,

I write with the very sad news of the death of our dear friend, and sister in Christ, Louisa Livermore. This news emerged overnight.

As those of you who know Louisa well will have been aware, she had been feeling particularly low and depressed lately, with the very difficult issues she was facing adding to her burden of medical issues and problems she had been living with for a long time.

We have learnt that Louisa was found dead in her car after an overdose in a car park near to where she lived, having likely been there from sometime Monday morning .

Our prayers are for Daniel and Joseph particularly, and also Louisa’s partner Aine and her ex-husband Tim, and for those closest to the situation. Also for many of you reading this who may have been dreading such news, having been aware of our concerns from yesterday.

I have deliberately chosen the image at the top of this massage which is Rublev’s icon The Holy Trinity. Louisa and I spoke of this only recently, and she described it as an image that she felt very safe to pray with and valued very much.

The icon speaks to me of love expressed unconditionally, and of community and acceptance. And there is a space at the table for any of us who may wish to join in the dance and the silent music of God’s peace. I pray that Louisa has now entered that peace, and that the peace my help us all as we absorb and come to terms with this very distressing event.

The church is open most days, and will be so over the next few days from 8.30am – 7pm. There will be space for anyone to sit and enejoy the quiet, to pray, and to offer thoughts and feelings. There is a place to light a candle, and a book available in which you may want to express memories of Louisa and the gifts she so very generously shared, and messages of condolence. In due course, we will pass this on to Daniel and Joseph, Aine and Tim.

On Friday at 7.30pm we will offer a simple Requiem Mass for Louisa, to which everyone is of course welcome, and prayers will be said for her at the services scheduled for the next few days:


9am Morning Prayer

11am Eucharist

5.15pm Evening prayer


8.40am Morning Prayer

9am Eucharist

5.30pm Evening Prayer


10am Morning Prayer


12.00 Requiem Mass

Mthr Anna, Fr Dennis and I are available should it be helpful to contact us. Please feel free to do so.

With the assurance of my prayers always, and especially at this time,

Fr Bruce

Hornsey Parish Church