Lent Course

Lent Course: Every Creature A Divine Word –
Christians and Ecology

2019 is a big year for us at Horsney Parish Church, as we celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the completion of our current parish church building. This anniversary is the central motif of a project we have called HPC 60/60 which aims to renew our community spaces and church buildings both on the site where the parish church is situated, and to think about how this opportunity can place us best to serve the parish as a whole. This project will have ecological awareness and sustainability at its heart, and we want to use these themes evangelistically in this anniversary year in the Lent Course.

Sessions will take place on Sundays 12 noon – 1.00pm.

Sunday 10th March:
Br Samuel SSF: What St Francis can teach us about
Every Creature a Divine Word
A Franciscan brother of the Society of St Francis since 1974, Sam has lived and worked at a number of friaries in the UK around the world and was Minister of the European Province from 2002 until 2012. He has been particularly associated with Hilfield Friary in Dorset, where for the past ten years there has been a focus on the care of creation and sustainable living, shaped by the Franciscan tradition. He now lives at the Franciscan house in Plaistow, East London,
and has a ministry of teaching and spiritual accompaniment.

Sunday 17th March:
Clare Bellefeuille-Rice: Every person, a Divine Word – care for the stranger
Clare joined the Los Angeles Catholic Worker community at the age of 18, and spent eight years living in their house of hospitality and working in their soup kitchen. After obtaining a university degree in voice performance, she came to Europe and has been living the life of a volunteering nomad ever since. She is currently working at the London Catholic Worker, which operates a hospitality house for migrants and refugees without access to public funds.

Sunday 24th March:
Nikki Coates: Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle – are these Divine Words?
Nikki grew up in North London, and attended Hornsey Parish Church for a number of years. Now a mother of two and member of St Michael’s Church, Wood Green, where her husband Fr Andy is curate, Nikki and the family are trying to live as plastic-free as possible.

Sunday 7th April:
Julia Lampard: Gardens and Open Spaces – nurturing the Divine Word
For several years Julia has been a volunteer with our Respite Night Shelter. She lives in Cranley Gardens, and is a passionate gardener and supporter of our green open spaces. Julia works at TreeHouse School in Muswell Hill, operated by the charity Ambitious About Autism, where she is overseeing a new social enterprise which will involve pupils growing vegetables to sell in veg-boxes. She is concerned about the recent report of our fragile insect life and has good ideas about how we can all play a part in helping to save our fellow creatures.