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About the church

Hornsey Parish Church is part of the Church of England in the Edmonton Area of the Diocese of London, which in turn is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. We are a diverse and vibrant church with a congregation representative of the varied community that Hornsey is: young and older; married, single and partnered; straight and gay; British and international. The style of our worship is focused upon the Eucharist. We see our liturgical life as very important: not fussy, and celebrated with attention and care.

The organ and piano

The church was built in 1959 and the organ is original to the building, a 1959 J. W. Walker & Sons organ, rebuilt and enlarged in 1984 by Saxon Aldred, electrical action with “solid state” relay, 2 manuals, one pedal board and 1300 pipes. We also have a very good quality grand piano on permanent loan from another church. Both are regularly tuned.