Weekly Services

Week commencing Sunday 24th May 2020
Seventh Sunday in Easter

The church building is closed for a season. Please know that you are being prayed for, and that the Eucharist continues to be celebrated on behalf of the Parish. All the services listed below are live-streamed on Facebook at the times mentioned,  and can be watched here afterwards: https://www.facebook.com/hornseyparish/videos/515942789090371/


Sunday                     10.30am Parish Eucharist

24th May                   

Seventh Sunday          

in Easter (Sunday

after Ascension Day)


Monday                    5.30pm Evening Prayer         

25th May                  

The Venerable



Tuesday                   10.00am Contemplative Prayer

26th May                  5.30pm Evening prayer

St Augustine


Wednesday            11.00am Eucharist

27th May                  5.30pm Evening Prayer

Easter Weekday


Thursday                10.00am Contemplative Eucharist

28th May                  5.30pm Evening Prayer

Bp Lanfranc


Friday                       5.30pm Evening Prayer

29th May

Easter Weekday


Saturday                 10.00am Morning Prayer

30th May

Josephine Butler


Sunday                    10.30am Parish Eucharist

31st May                   6.00pm Sacred Space




*live-streamed on Facebook and available to watch here afterwards: https://www.facebook.com/hornseyparish/videos/515942789090371/