HPC 60I60 Development project

Our future
Hornsey Parish Church is full of energy and life. Our church inspires us to celebrate and demonstrate God’s presence within our community – while providing a sense of identity, place and continuity with our past. Our hall and community buildings, however, could do more to help us serve our mission. Like many other churches we must also look to the future and ensure the sustainability of our church and its congregation for future generations.

Get involved
From September to December 2017 we are talking with a whole range of individuals and groups and listening to ideas about how we might best shape the future together. These discussions include members of the congregation, people living close by the church site, and many others involved in the community – people just like you who have a stake in the opportunities that this project offers us.

If you’d like to get involved please send us your contact details via info@hornseyparishchurch.org so that we can send you information and invite you to relevant events.

For the latest information please take a look at our project newsletters and summaries of our
stakeholder engagement activities below.

Project Newsletters
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Newsletter No.1
Newsletter No.2
HPC Consultation Phase 1 Report
HPC Consultation Phase 2 Findings[6205]