HPC 60I60 : Shaping the future of Hornsey Parish Church

In 2017 Hornsey Parish Church embarked on an ambitious new project. At almost 60 years old, the church and community buildings were showing their age. We also needed to look to forward – to ensure the sustainability of our church and its congregation for future generations. We committed to taking a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – HPC 60/60 – so that Hornsey Parish Church can continue to serve the community for another 60 years and more.

Initial ideas
We started by meeting lots of different people and listening to ideas about how we might best shape the future together. These discussions included members of the congregation, people living close by the church site, and many others involved in the community. We shared the feedback we received in newsletters and an exhibition at the Christmas Market in 2017. This process challenged and inspired us and helped to inform an ever-deepening and more refined brief for our architects.

Design development
Our architects then began to bring our vision to life through the development of more detailed designs. We attended several meetings with Haringey Council to review and develop the proposals, while undertaking feasibility studies to review the financial sustainability of the plans. Throughout this technical stage of the project we kept our community updated through newsletters and an exhibition at the Christmas Market in 2018. We continued to reflect on the feedback we received, while reviewing and revising our approach to the project.

Change of direction
In 2019 we took a bold decision to change our approach to HPC 60|60 – and shared our ideas at the Church Open Day and Christmas Market. We asked our architects to develop a new proposal – focussed on retaining and refurbishing as many of the existing buildings as possible, while adding residential accommodation above the church hall. This approach enables us to meet the needs of our community, and secure our financial future, while keeping our sense of place, identity and continuity with our past.

A new design
By May 2020 our architects had developed the plans for our new design. This included improving our existing buildings through: the refurbishment and extension of the church and community spaces; the addition of residential accommodation above the church hall; an elegant gallery extension linking spaces across the site; a striking new entrance from Park Road; and newly landscaped car park and gardens. In May 2020 we shared the proposals with our community through a project newsletter and exhibition. We held an online event to answer questions and gathered feedback via an online survey.

Planning submission
Since May our architects have been busy finalising the proposals.  We have now submitted the design to Haringey Council for planning permission and we are pleased to share some of the plans and images in our newsletter.  You can view and comment on the full application via Haringey Council’s website.

If you’d like to receive future updates about the HPC 60|60 project please send us your contact details by email to info@hornseyparishchurch.org or by letter to HPC 60|60,Hornsey Parish Church, Cranley Gardens, London, N10 3AH.