Stages for faith

We live in a community where many people who work in the creative arts have made their home. The arts, with the church, are natural partners as it is God given gifts that artists develop and share, and their work glorifies our world and can help us to see the signs of God ever present around us. Also, the church has much to say to, and share with, the arts, and so a church that takes artistic life seriously can help make connections for people in terms of faith, can only be a good thing in such a place.


As a congregation and as a reflection of the community in which we live, we are blessed with many members of the congregation who have an abundance of creative skills. Lucky us! As a result we have a long history of putting performance literally at the heart of our church life.

Approximately every eighteen months we reach out into the community at large within Hornsey to join us in a Stages for Faith production.


This will be a way to create and nourish community, as well as a mission opportunity to tell the Good News story that is the basis of our lives as Christians. It also offers opportunities for experienced theatrical artists and technicians to share good practice and develop others and help them to grow.

The third aspect that Stages for Faith aims towards is to foster fellowship by arranging a trip, or ‘jolly’, each year. This might be to a theatre, or other institution of artistic endeavour. This is another opportunity to invite those on the fringes of our community to journey with us together.